—I’m sure we’ll see each other again.
—I’d like to think so. But one can never say. We live in uncertain times.


Star Trek I: The Motion Picture
↳ continued from this set

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So this is happening right now #iceland #reykjavik #northernlights #vscocam


More Star Trek Selfies DS9 Style!!!

Garak and Bashir hanging out at Quark’s.

Buy the original artwork whilst available 

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when alien races only have two genders. when those two genders are male and female. when that alien race adheres to the human gender binary. when female aliens have breasts. when alien races look exactly like humans except maybe they’re orange or purple 


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Nothing screams hetero like Garak telling Bashir to eat his rod.  Followed by Bashir promptly offering him chocolates.  #I DONT EVEN #JUST GET MARRIED AND BE HAPPY YOU ASSHOLES

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when ur otp is destroying you but ur friend just doesn’t ship it


you’re on a different road, I’m in the Milky Way
you want me down on Earth, but I am up in space

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